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Be a superhero with us

“You don’t need superpowers to be a superhero” – Batman

We believe in people and the collective power of conscious consuming. Every product at the end of its life is disposed as waste and leaves its impact on the environment. Products that are not biodegradable do not decompose after they have been landfilled, which of course is extremely detrimental in environmental terms. On other hand, our tights and socks have a limited environmental impact because, after landfilling, they are turned into organic matter biomass and biogas which can become new resource for the environment.

This product does not decompose after standard use and this product’s lifecycle is the same as that of traditional tights and socks made from nylon. Basically, instead of needing 50 years or more to decompose, our tights and socks end their biodegradation process in less than 5 years after being disposed at a landfill.
By supporting our business and buying our product you are helping to save the environment and opening jobs for single moms. Or as we like to call it – you are a superhero by choice!